Mercer's Poems
Unwanted Days

I think there’s no document that says
what to do with unwanted days. 
When you wander, phantasmal, 
feeling air resist against a body
that should not be there. 

It’s hard to know if the glinting rays
are a sign of triumphant new days. 
Or just another false dawn. 
A tempting lure of pretence
and prelude to failure. 

But, as the rest of the world outside plays, 
cautiousness in my heart stays. 
Is it better to be safe than sorry?
Safety denies everything. 
Regret demands only apology.

And if never stepping in risky ways
keeps one in this dreary haze.
Would it not be better to seek 
the sunshine and the warmth
and opportunity?

I think there’s no document that says
what do with unwanted days. 
But maybe I should embrace them. 
Use them wisely, sensible, 
but with just enough risk
to raise a smile.