Mercer's Poems
A Truth Universally Acknowledged

A great battlefield rests on a weary earthen bed.
Infertile land gives birth to only unholy sprouts
their sanguine petals dripping dew blood-red. 
Pock-marked Gaia covers up her surreal scars
with bloodied flowers and superficial grass
As she looks envious at Heaven and pure stars.

What divine comedy was this, her sorry life.
Trodden on and drained by merciless vampires
when all her kin knew nothing of her strife. 
Yet, they were all too aware, and wept tears.
Apollo’s face long and pallid as he watched
her forlorn nights pass by, aware of her fears.

Mars was crimson flushed with anger and ire
at having to witness his sister crippled
and wished to change her situation, so dire. 
Storms raged on Father Jupiter’s cheeks
frustration at his isolation from his Daughter. 
Aye, the whole universe talks and speaks. 

A sole meteor shifts, its bright tail tracing
a solitary lament across jet black eternity. 
Lachrymal was heaven, for what Earth is facing;
Each light divine from crying sky a weeping
of Paradise for this, her prized daughter. 
A daughter whose death ever nearer creeping.