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Alcoholic Ambling and Suicide Scribblings

My first poetry compilation, Alcoholic Ambling and Suicide Scribblings, is available now in Kindle and paperback formats. 

Alcoholic Ambling and Suicide Scribblings is a collection of poems detailing my battles with alcohol, depression and anxiety over the last few years. It features a mixture of styles and tones, but has an overriding theme of misery - but with an undercurrent of hope. These poems mean a lot to me, and came at very difficult times. One was written at a particularly low ebb, but all were written with the same visceral imagery and out and out passion. 

Here are a few reviews taken from Amazon:

"While it seems everyone fancies himself a poet on the Internet, they are in fact quite rare. Karl Mercer is one of those elusive creatures. Writing firmly from the vantage point of a young man struggling with depression in a time of deepening social and economic misery for us all, Mercer is brutally honest with himself and with the reader. This volume pins both society and self under the magnifying glass, in all their grim reality, and yet somehow Mercer digs through the heaps of debris and comes up hopeful for all of us. I highly recommend not only this volume, but all of Mercer’s writings wherever you find them." 

"Anything I might right would not do justice to these poems. Powerful, harrowing, passionate, comforting, and true. Reminds me of some of Rumi’s writings but with the edge of the 21 century. As an old Quaker says: This book of poems speaks to my condition." 
Jenny Eyles

this is a really fun to read book. it’s a very intimate and well written book of poetry. i had to read all of it almost at once. i found it relatable, honest and not the slightest bit pretentious. great for life long poetry readers and anyone just getting into it.

"Absolutely fascinating! Karl Mercer show’s his truest personality through every page of this collection (including the intro). Not only is it an enjoyable read, it is easy to relate to and comprehend on a million different levels. I, seriously, have read this collection at least five times before I realized his second edition was released…. and then read it again! This is one of those books where the reader can relate to some on one day, others on a different day and find more on a third. Beautiful, hypnotic, insightful, touching and emotional."
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