Mercer's Poems
Stand Up Now

Stand up now, we need your voice the voice of truth and reason. 
Join your forces for the causes amass now, we are legion, 
Before to speak becomes a crime like gunpowder and treason. 
they’re trying to take your rights from you, you’re future too; believe it
Because if you do we’ll start to move and hopefully retrieve it.
The powers that be don’t like your noise they only like your silence
which they’ll manipulate in media to make it look like violence. 
But there’s too many people now enduring these environs;
and if you don’t believe my views study political and social science! 
This is not democracy, it’s mob rule by rich gangsters
who appreciate the voices more of a minority of bankers
while the voices of the masses of the people for whom they work 
are just ignored; I’m getting bored now. It’s driving me berserk. 
 You might be safe in your own home and comfy with your job
denouncing the actions of a ‘mindless group of yobs’.
But are you really happy with things or are you keeping shut your gob
just because you fear the so called power that will rob
and loot and pillage every village just as much as any rioter. 
And use your views as an excuse for draconian measures tighter. 
I don’t claim to be revolutionary or a freedom fighter 
I am what I am and what I am is just a writer. 
So what concerns me mainly is the notion now of censorship 
instated by a state that is hardly representative.
Most people’s relationship with government is tentative 
so stand up now and raise your voice; let’s try and put an end to this!
I’m not encouraging you to agree with my views on wealth 
but I feel if you took the time to stop and think yourself 
you’d see that there are many things that worry you as well
and you too then would recognise we’re living in a hell 
where those at the top stay at the top and those beneath just feed them. 
You think the politicians run this state? We don’t really need them
they’re elected by the people; they work for you, the majority
so forget the foolish notion that they hold any authority. 
You hold the power, you are in control 
and if you act now then maybe we can take a hold 
of a situation in this nation where the MPs give no respect
and silence those who disagree, it’s us now but you’ll be next. 
And if you think the press will sound your calls and stupidly expect
that Sky News or the BBC care then there is no hope left. 
Small businesses have my sympathy I’m sorry they’ve been looted
by oppressive taxes for too long; the system is polluted
when Vodafone get away with paying for their bill 
but you’re struggling every day just to cash in your till. 
And the real thing that angers the politicians about the robbery
is little more than straight up, pure economy. 
Millions of pounds of goods taken with dishonesty 
take away the excessive amount of VAT put on, you see?
So while your taxes pay for courts for rushed through prosecutions 
of the looters, your economy is raped through state-sanctioned prostitution 
and while your family’s getting raped by tax, pecked by packs of hungry ravens
the people who donate to parties live in their tax havens 
and the government of course just sits back and takes no action
because if it weren’t for these rich pigs there’d be no transactions
to their bank accounts helping them seduce the people 
with their propaganda. Recognise that in this way we’re not created equal
and unless you desire to see a much bloodier sequel 
to the events of recent days I suggest you fight this evil. 
Poverty is the greatest crime committed by mankind 
and yet the Government let it happen, watching they stand by
because the people they oppress just give them more success
as they manipulate the underclass to hate, they live in their excess. 
So I urge you now, It’s urgent now
a bold voice should emerge right now
from the smouldering ashes of the events; I think we have all seen it 
but those who think should rise and make a bright and fiery phoenix. 
Let parliament see that you know it is you who employs them 
tell them that they work for you and it can be you who destroys them.
Make them see they’re no longer free to just feed you they’re poison 
and then we may just hopefully see change on the horizon.