Mercer's Poems
A Seedy Horror Tale

A Seedy Horror Tale

Chapter 1: Oranges are not the only fruit.

The sound of the school bell was a welcome tone to the ears of the sprightly young orange. Friday evening, last bell of the day and the beginning of the weekend, when Orange could get together with his buddies and have some fun.
“Are you coming tonight mate? Peach knows a nice little country house and we’re gonna rave it up there!” The words came from orange’s bloated red pal, Tomato. While it is customary in some traditions to make fun of larger individuals, within the fruit world, the fatter you were, the cooler you were. If you were a fat fruit, you were a sex God, the coolest of the coolest, cooler even than the cucumber, who was considered a lanky poser by the rest of the fruits. The longer and thinner you were, it was said, the more you were compensating for your seedlessness. And Orange and Tomato were no jaffas!
“Yeah, I’ll be there. Got a bag of fertiliser off a friend too! We’re gonna party tonight!” Replied Orange, the excitement evident in his voice. This was going to be the night. He was finally going to try his luck with Peach.
Peach was a beautiful fruit. Soft and delicate, with skin like rich, warm velvet. Her crease was beautifully former, and the curves from it were quite splendiferous. Orange was into her, bad. He wanted to juice her good!

Orange got his stuff together in his little orangey backpack and started on his walk home. He saw Tomato across the street walking home his two little brothers, the Cherry Tomatoes. He waved at the avocados as they were getting on the bus, and, when nearly home, he stopped to have a chat with his neighbour the Pineapple about the state his yard had been in recently. Orange had always helped Pineapple keep his yard in shape, but with Orange’s studies he had not the time these days, but he promised Pineapple as soon as he had a moment he’d help him get cracking with it.
When he got inside, Orange said hello to his mum and dad. They were in a slightly sour mood, but that made sense, since they were Grapefruit. Orange had often wondered how too sour parents could produce such a sweet a child as he.
He hopped into the shower to wash off the day’s wax, and get his zest nice and clean and fresh. He was a fruit, so, obviously he did not wear clothes, since he was wrapped up in them. But he liked to make sure his skin was always fresh and, since he did not like to wear cologne or scents, he liked to exfoliate to get his zesty natural fragrance to come to the fore.

“Right, I’m off out.” Shouted Orange to his parents.
“Where are you off to!?” Replied his mother, Ruby Grapefruit.
“Oh, just off to hang out with some friends. We’ll be fine, nothing’s going on!”
“Will you be meeting up with peach?” Came the booming voice of Orange’s father.
“Yeah” he replied.
“GET IN THERE MY SON!” Came the shocking, and emphatic reply of his dad. Orange gave a creepy shudder and slammed the door behind him, where he was met by Tomato in his fruit-and-veg-tastic automobile.
“Hello Orange my buddy! Right, we’ve got to go pick up apple and then we’ll be off.”
“Didn’t you hear. Apple had a fall. He won’t make it.”
“Where did that happen?”
“Not far from the tree.”
“Damn…Well I’ll have to wish him well next time I see him. So it’s just you, me and peach then?”
“Yeah…Oh but you forget someone else!” Orange pulled his bag out of a pocket that couldn’t possibly exist since he was a naked orange, but it is a convenient device so I’ll use it anyway.
“YEAH BOY!” Said Tomato as he revved his car down the street.

Chapter 2: Sex a-peel

The cottage was beautiful. Secluded and abandoned, but not too far from home so as to be inconvenient. Peach lived close to it, so she was already there, and she had brought her friend, Nectarine along. Nectarine was very much like Peach, but a bit harder, not as soft and delicate.
The gloom of the cottage had been broken up by Peach and Nectarine having laid out a few candles, that illuminated dimly the forgotten and dusty crags on all the cracking walls and creaky wooden floorboards. There was a quality about the place that was spooky, but also something quite romantic; and that suited Orange’s modus operandi perfectly!
“So…What shall we get up to?” Spoke Peach, flirtatiously. Orange once again reached into his non-existent pocket and pulled out his baggy of fertiliser, and his rolling papers.
“Blaze one up!” He said with glee, as his friends joined him in a little circle on the floor. Peach made sure to seat everyone such that Tomato and Nectarine sat together…She was trying to get the two of them together, and had been trying for some time. Now seemed the perfect opportunity she had been waiting for; and she winked at Nectarine to let her know what she was up to.

They sat around for a while smoking their fertiliser. The smoke filled the room with a dense, acrid fog, through which faint flickering warm hues of candlelight penetrated. They were, by now, quite mashed. Not as much as Potato! That guy knew how to get mashed! But they were well on their way. Their slowed voices, now full of peace, tranquillity and love. You see, smoking fertiliser makes fruit grow, in mind, in soul and, predictably, in libido. Nectarine, half dazed, rested her head upon Tomato.
“So what do you think of Nectarine then, Tommy?” Peach said softly.
Tomato gazed at the cute, lustrous Nectarine, resting on his shoulder, “I think she’s beautiful…Could use a little ripening up…” He answered, hornily.
Nectarine was stoned…So was Peach, but Orange and Tomato were seedy beyond belief. Tomato leaned over Nectarine’s face and gave her a delicate kiss, and, soon, one thing led to another and they were quite passionately exchanging juices. Orange and Peach gave each other a knowing look, before Peach scooted a bit closer to orange. Orange wasted no time, and was soon kissing her too as he rubbed his zesty skin on her softness.
“There’s a bowl, just up on the worktop there. How about we all get in and make ourselves a sexy smoothie?” Said Orange, adventurously. They were all open minded fruits, so they agreed and made their way up to the bowl. Mentally peeling each other as they did so.

The spent a long time in that bowl having sex in whatever way conceivable a collective of fruits of different species could possibly have sex; and they all feel into a blissful slumber.

Chapter 3: The Juice are the Men who will not be blamed for nothing

Orange yawned as he woke up. He felt Peach’s delicate soft touch against him, and felt comforted, but glancing around, he noticed Tomato was not there.
“Tomato? Yo, TOMMY!? TOMMY!?” There was no response. All Orange could hear was a deafening, Earth quaking thud. He looked over the rim of the bowl and saw a huge, monstrous being. Around six foot tall it was a veritable giant. It had the most twisted, hairy body he had ever seen. It’s gangly legs walked straight, in an upright gait, with long arms dangling on either side of its towering form. He noticed something at the end of one of the arms. A long, metallic object, sharp and pointy, with a dark handle. “OH MY GOD!” Orange thought. It was a knife. His eyes scanned ahead in the direction the creature was walking, and there was Tomato, tied up on a filthy wooden board. “TOMATO!” Orange screamed desperately!
The demonic creature got nearer, raised his arm, and plunged the glinting blade into the Tomato. Tomato’s innards spurted up into the air. Some of it must have got into the creature’s face, as he wiped his eye and said “Fookin’ bastard!” Rending Tomato’s flesh with his blade, his juices leaking and flowing all over the wooden board, Orange watching in horror. Tomato’s thick skin was nothing compared to the mighty horror of that grotesque ape-beast and his blade, and Orange vomited (in some way…How does an orange vomit? I don’t know, use your imagination) as he watched the creature put his friend on a sandwich, and consume his raw flesh.

Peach had, by now, awoken and, curious as to what was going on, spoke to Orange.
“What’s going on?” She said, repeating, pretty much, what I had just pointed out in my narrative observation.
“SHHH! – There’s a thing…A creature…We have to stay quiet. It’s distracted at the moment, so we’ll try to get out of the bowl, quietly.”
But, try as they might, while they had got into the bowl okay, when they tried to leave they found their rotund forms merely rolling back down the sides. They were trapped. Peach went to scream and Orange had to cover her mouth to keep her quiet.
“SHHH! We have to stay quiet. If we cannot get out of the bowl, we will have to stay silent and hidden. Please, Peach, stay calm. I’m here, I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.”
Nectarine, in her calm, unripe way, was very cold to the situation. Maybe she should not have spent so long in the fridge before coming out, but, it was a measure certainly paying off now. She comforted Peach as she wept silently; all the while, Orange scurried around looking for a way out.

Some time passed, and the fruit were now sat, despondent, in the bowl. Orange could not find a way out and, all seemed hopeless. They merely had to wait for the creature to leave and someone to come and rescue them. Deflated, they were at least calm, that was until they felt a rumble. The creature was stirring. His heavy feet pounding on the hard wood floor. Orange spied what was going on. He was approaching the bowl. Stepping ever closer. He reached out a hand. It met with Peach’s delicate skin.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Cried Orange in a cliché, overdramatic fashion and he, selflessly, rolled with force into Peach, knocking her out of the creature’s icy grasp and putting himself in her place.
“ORANGE!” Cried Peach! “ORANGE NO! NO!” Juicy little tears filled her eyes, and trickled down her slightly hairy form. Both she and Nectarine watched in horror as the mighty beast enacted his evil plans. There was no knife this time. The creature used his own brute strength, piercing through Orange’s skin with his dirty, long fingernails. A mist of zesty fluids burst into the air as the beast penetrated Orange’s flesh, and Orange’s screams pierced the ears of the onlooking Peach and Nectarine. Slowly, methodically, the demon pulled at bits of Orange’s skin, tearing them off and exposing his delicate insides. He flayed the skin of Orange until it was all clean off, yet Orange, with spirit, still persisted. His deafening roars of pain growing louder as the creature began to pull him in two.
“NOOOO! ORANGE!” Cried the helpless, hopeless Peach, watching her love get torn into two, his juice spurting everywhere. She herself was flecked with it by the time he had been torn apart. But the creature, not satisfied with his sick little display, had to push further. Tearing apart Orange, segment by segment, and eating them. The horror only grew when Nectarine noticed the beast spit something in their direction.
“It’s a pip!” She said with horror…”He was pregnant!”
Peach immediately burst into tears.
“Fuck this shit!” Said Nectarine. “I’ve a plan!”
She began to roll herself, up and down the walls of the bowl, gaining momentum. She shifted it until she was rolling around the inside in a circle and then, with some force, nudged Peach out of the bowl. Building up her momentum again, she herself launched herself out of the bowl. She grabbed Peach, who was in a state of shock, and began to make for the door.
The creature, satisfied with his juice lust, had moved to a different room. It was a perfect opportunity to make an escape. The daylight creeping under the door let Nectarine know they had been there for hours. She burst through the door, with Peach in tow.

Finale: The Seeds of Truth

The light outside dazzled Peach and Nectarine and, blind, Nectarine led Peach across the road. There, to her horror, she saw a swarm of the creatures such as they had just seen. All of them bustling about, and…What new horror was this?

In front of Nectarine and Peach, there was a huge gathering of the filthy beasts. A sign read ‘Produce Market’ and, right there in front of them, were tables and tables of their fruit and vegetable brothers, captive in crates and trays, being…SOLD! Sold to these horrific creatures! She watched in horror as a man, handing over a metal coin in exchange for a Peach as lovely and beautiful as her friend, smiled as her pressed the innocent fruit to his face, the Peach’s blood trickling down his chin, his lips slathered with the brutally torn flesh.

Nectarine fell to her knees.
“We’re just food for them. Is this all we have ever been? WE’RE JUST FOOD!”

Peach and Nectarine cowered together, on that street, hopeless and in tears, until a large robotic dog-like beast, bigger even than the hell-apes they had seen, with revolving jaws of synthetic fibres, swept them to their doom.