Mercer's Poems
We Don’t Want This Police State

Less of a poem and more a rap than anything else but this is my call to the young people out there doing what they think is fighting the power. Don’t believe the government. You DO have hope. You CAN have a future. Don’t be stupid, don’t get yourselves locked up. You are part of the solution not the problem and we need your voice now more than ever. Let’s turn this from riot to revolution. Let us, together, instigate the changes. Let this elitist regime crumble under the weight of your public opinion in mass protest asking for a general election. Let’s get you putting Xs on voting forms and SHOUT your voice at the ballot box. You do have a voice…People are listening now! Not those dozy toff Torys but they are not the only people who want to be MPs…This country has a political spectrum broader than just Blues Vs Reds, let us, together make it known!

It’s time to stand, NOW! I don’t like this violence. 
I can’t get no sleep from all the mother fucking sirens. 
There’s no need for youngsters getting clapped in irons, 
hunting up and down the streets like packs of hungry lions.
You might sit blinded thinking there’s no reason for the riots
but open up your eyes, it’s not rocket science.  
I’ll make it known lyrical, this is political. 
So let’s stop making this issue criminal. 
And accepting subliminal messages 
from MPs and press whose understanding’s minimal. 
These guys cannot visualise better lives
so they turn to criminal minds
it’s time to politicise. 
The MPs who vilify are scared because you’re bolder, 
it’s not secret, they don’t like you ‘cause they’re older. 
But you’re the real strength the true power holder. 
because they know that if you’re sixteen or over 
then you’ve got the right to be a UK voter. 
So start your motor, get your engines humming
it’s time we got this unelected rabble running. 
Get your guitars strumming you drummers start on drumming. 
There can be no more running coz these issues need confronting. 
Make some noise, girls and boys raise your voice and take a choice. 
I know you’re angry and want to speak with bat and mallet 
but you can also get your views heard through the ballot. 
Start the fight back, take the right track 
they won’t like that. And this elitism might crack. 
Let them know, their policies have led to this
all their bullshit lies and petty fucking prejudice. 
They’re looking after their cliques you’re being fed to this
economic slavery. It’s time to put an end to this. 
You’ve got a vote. You truly are a power house
don’t give them an excuse to say you’re all just sour louts
show them you’ve got power now
let’s evict the true thugs from their Ivory Tower house. 
Let them know it’s time to question our submission
to the independent police complaints commission. 
Envision a country beautiful breaking from tradition
on the mission of people determined to make others listen. 
to say we don’t want this elite running out streets
sending in the troops when it’s youths who loot
but when it’s bankers they just shuffle feet. 
You and I know the police are never there
they aren’t under Cameron and they weren’t under Brown or Blair.
It’s just not fair. Why you got a young man standing there, hands in air
having to constantly live in fear?
Of the real gang wearing badge and a uniform
You don’t cut a puny form, but you need to be dutiful. 
You’re not helping the country at the moment you’re just wrecking it. 
Disrespecting it the way the MPs disrespecting it. 
They should have seen this coming they’re out of touch not expecting it. 
And tell your friends to call for an election 
It’s time you got your voice known by making a selection 
and voting for someone who truly knows respect
shows respect. You’ve got a vote so GO ELECT! 
Stand up to them, tell them, stand with bravery
don’t put up with all this social slavery. 
Tell them “you told us we act like thugs
so we act like thugs”
But that’s the lessons that YOU gave to me. 
Tell them how you’re sick of depression 
and sick of oppression. 
Give the out of touch toffs a lesson. 
Tell them it’s our time to judge and courts in session. 
Tell them that you’re acting now with pure intention. 
Ask them why when youths loot streets it makes them thieves
But when the bankers do it it barely shakes the leaves. 
Ask them why they only see the thugs in hoodies
but the thugs in uniform are fucking goody-goody
fucking two shoes who can shoot through 
anyone with barely any question. 
Ask them how many men need die to learn the lesson!
Tell them that you don’t feel any safer these days. 
Tell them they’re heavy handed tactics just increase hate. 
Tell them you’re sick of them and bankers being mates. 
Tell them that you’re sick of seeing gas bills with increased rates. 
And when a relative is sick the NHS increase waits. 
Tell them that you’re sick of eating dinner of bare plates. 
Tell them you can’t turn a corner without cameras on you each way. 
Tell them that there should be no need for water cannons these days. 
Tell them this for Pete’s sake