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Another Moan About Politics

It seems the political race in the US is heating up a bit. How do I know this? Because it is no longer about politics and all about pointlessly slandering other people…

It would not be so bad if it was being done cleverly, with some wit and satirical flair. But it isn’t! I guess this is what bugs me most about the facade that is Western politics; we make it personal, and take it personally! This is all part of it, you know? Divide et impera. Divide and rule, it’s that easy. If you have two major parties, people are too busy fighting a game of ‘blue v red’ to bother to check if the world is actually being changed for the better, regardless of who gets elected! 

You have to understand that the ‘conspiracy theories’ are not theories anymore! There are an elite group of individuals trying to make important decisions about you and your way of life and your politicians are giving them free licence too because these people fund their political campaigns, make their careers, and give them jobs once those careers are done. Our politicians are so in their pockets, and so fucking disposable, you may as well call them lint.  

Maybe you don’t think this is true, maybe you cannot believe that it could be possible. Are our political institutions not the most powerful, independent democratically elected institutions in the world? No…They’re not. If they were, there would be no need for the drastic amount of disgusting lobbying that goes on so certain companies, and industries, get government favours in exchange for political donations. That is not a thank you for the government having made a favourable decision to a business, that is a bribe to ensure a business gets a favourable decision; and let me tell you the biggest bribes are saved for individual politicians themselves who like to pull strings for their corporate and financial buddies. They’re called Directorships! When a politician finally hangs up their parliamentary boots, the companies they’ve done favours for will have directorships on their executive boards lined up, with a fat pay packet included. That is if said politician is not a self-entitled, messianic complex laden shitfuck like one Tony Blair who just sets up his own business so he can go around spreading lies and bullshit like he used to do when he was PM and earn a private pay packet for it.

This creates a unique environment. You see, if our politicians are really only interested in the higher paying jobs to come, surely they do not have the people’s best interests at heart? Okay, that may be unfair, you see some politicians are good people just trying to make sure the country does not fall into lawlessness (note: I say lawlessness, not anarchy, learn the fucking difference) but if those people have no ambition to get better jobs they won’t get anywhere? Why, because they won’t be sucking up to the businesses that fund the parties! And if they don’t do that the parties may not win elections. So only the dishonest brown-nosers ever get to be PM, or in the cabinet etc. The ones actually trying to do their job? They stay on the backbenches making good points in debates and being ignored.

You see, our political institutions are not the top-tier, as we have been (mis)led to believe. They are only a stepping stone, and if they are only a stepping stone, do we not have a right to know who has the power of influence over our politicians? The people we elect to serve us? There are many people now who say “No…It’s not important to discuss that…” And why do they say this? Because there is an election coming up in the US!

You see, a lot of people I know online are in the US and I am slowly watching their previously sapient political opinions descend into nothing short of childish point scoring. I am witnessing people who previously had no love for any politician lend their support to candidates X, Y and Z, and making things personal if someone chooses a candidate of an opposing letter. Here’s the deal, you voted last time…what changed? Nothing, that’s what. Because voting does not change a damn thing. It’s a psychological trick to make you think what is happening in the world is being shaped by your hands. But it isn’t. You just go about your daily life as usual. You do the same things you usually do. Indeed, the only time it seems politics affects you is when it does so negatively! When it’s all going good, you’re a free and happy person regardless of who is in power, but when the world is in disrepair, it’s the oppositions fault, isn’t it!? We’re fickle people, us humans. We’re easily led, easily manipulated, we can have our minds changed easily, we can be made to act impulsively, to make silly decisions. With the right set of stimuli we can be made to do anything. Politics is one such stimulus! We will do and say stupid things for it, and voting for anyone Republican or Democrat in the US election is one of those stupid things. They are chess pieces, on a board, being shuffled from one box on the great chequered board of life to another. Behind one team is one lot of money, behind another is another lot of money. They’re playing for fun. Who wins? Who loses? It’s inconsequential. They get their fun little game, and they still get their money and power. 

You, the people, are the table holding that chequered board aloft. Your only participation is supporting the game being played above you, and you do, because it is made to feel like every part of your being is moving those pieces up there. You must be, they tell you that you are. It cannot possibly be a more powerful hand moving those pieces, it must be the nature of your being, the grain of your wood, the oscillation of your particles, your one meaningless vote that is making all the difference in this world.  

Okay, you want to believe that, fine, I won’t try to stop you. But imagine this. Whether it is your vote or not that makes a difference you DO support the political system as it exists. If you’re tired of supporting the same shit, whether red or blue. If you’re tired of supporting meaningless death through wars, oppressive and unconstitutional legislation, and the disgusting amount of money being thrown around in politics…Take your support away. Let those chess pieces spill all over the floor beneath us, let the money scrabble to pick them up. Do you know what you shall find? The table stays standing; only slightly less strained from ditching that dead-weight on top of it.  

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