Mercer's Poems
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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Dethroned kings lay prostrate, or mounted like trophies.
Their flame-hued coats stained a murky crimson, 
and their once piercing gaze rendered an abyssal void.

The black stripes once ornately adorned
now twisted music notes, conducting an orchestral dirge.
A sorrowful hymn; but weep do too few. 

The salty tears of creatures that fear
their peril could not cause the seas to swell
so much as man’s small, yet infinite hand. 

A land once emerald and fertile 
now slate-grey, taller than trees 
and swampy with the vile emissions of greed. 

All in the name of ‘growth’ but, 
what grows?


Sombre cries of “TIMBER!” tear
through the misty forest air.
A patch of habitat now bare
no homes remain for beauties rare.

Farmers fear for herded meat.
No surrender, no retreat.
Staccato, percussive rifles beat
another ‘pests’ flesh flayed unneat

Poachers long to claim the head.
For those with trouble in the bed
anachronistic aphrodisiac it’s said, 
but lies truthful beauty dead.


Time and tide continue by
Upon the wings of rarest butterfly. 
Elephants will sound not their trumpets high, 
to alert our gaze, and draw our eye
to their, and others saying bye; 
Silence only. Time is nigh.
Too short to grieve or weep and cry; 
The Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my.