Mercer's Poems
Love is the Only Currency I Recognise - Cosmic Love Rant for you Twitterfolk!

Love is the only currency I recognise. Sadly Governments and banks don’t deal in it. This is why #IWillOccupy
No Woman, No Cry. This is #whyweoccupy. Oh my little darling, don’t shed no tears.
The tears of another human being have a value all the banks in the world could not pay. The struggle of another life has no pricetag.
We are all one in humanity and I say it’s time we stopped checking on our bank balances and started checking on our neighbours.
I say it’s time we give up competing against our brothers and sisters and work together for each other. Drop the competition myth.
Fear for your fellow human being is manufactured. Fear should be replaced with love. Because life is too short and precious.
They say the world is getting smaller. This is why they have to manufacture fear. They are scared we will realise the oneness of humanity.
They are scared that it doesn’t matter what your background, skin colour, religion or creed is. We are all one.
We are stardust. Particles blown into a universal bubble in an infinite expanse. We are all the same. We are one with the Earth and sky too.
Life is an illusion. Life is a cosmic sneeze. An outburst of energy that created this, most miraculous time and day.
And you are the biggest miracle of all. A collective of particles with the potential to see and understand, to think.
But your thoughts have been hijacked. People are manipulating your most base behaviours, so you have to utilise your most sophisticated ones.
s humans, we can do this. We can overcome our base desires to see the bigger picture. And the biggest picture of all is this…
…all is one, in everything; and nothing.
Let’s be one. Let us come together in oneness, unity, peace, freedom and Love
And to you dirty, rotten bankers and politicians. I love you too. You’re fools. You’re ignorant. I pity you. But we must be cruel to be kind.
WOO Can you feel the cosmic love? I can feel it. I can feel the kiss of a distant star when the wind stings my skin with bitter cold.
I feel the magnificence of the universe with every delicate kiss from a raindrop. I inhale the vacuum void with every breath.
The money you hold in your hand is nothing but the same fragile dust as you and I.
One day money will return to dust just as we. But which would you like to go first?
some people like to diss religion. Don’t. Love it. It holds the beautiful poetry of creation.
It holds every horrid lesson of history man should learn not to emulate and contains all the wise words of love man should follow.
Read them words. Study them, but study them without man’s imposed dogma.
tudy them with a free mind and a free heart and you shall find God and you will see that his/her name is LOVE.
Love is not from the movies. Love is not just a man and a woman getting sweaty (although that is awesome!)
Love’s a state of mind. Love’s a state of being. Love is still after tens of thousands of years of evolution and history still inexplicable.
ONE LOVE. ONE HEART. LET’S GET TOGETHER AND FEEL ALRIGHT (Bob, it’s like you’re soul is with me right now!)
Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armageddon. It doesn’t have to happen. We can be one. We can be together in unity not economy.
We can live in peace and unity of only we can make the 6billion other folks who feel just like us realise IT CAN HAPPEN.
There is nothing the human mind, heart, soul and LOVE cannot do. We can achieve anything. Why? Because we are. Because we exist.
We exist and that means that every modicum of this universe is in us. We own it. We control it.
Mother Earth cradles us, but we support her too. And we hold in our hands the whole universe.
And when you lay on your death bed you can crack a smile and say “I own this!” And you shall know you lived. You controlled. You loved.
I can feel it people. I can feel it on the wind. You can feel it in the Earth. It rumbles. More than ever, It calls us.
There’s a natural mystic blowin’ thru the air.
Some say Sept. 17th shall be a protest. I don’t call it a protest. I call it a start. The first trumpet, before all babylon falls.