Mercer's Poems
Expect Us (for #Anonymous)

From the midst of deepest Hades sprang a many headed beast
it’s mouth a salivating, pit. Dripping blood and much diseased. 
Stomping grapes to bleed them dry and supping on the wine divine
they suck the bodies of the fruit after sucking fruitful minds. 

There his dwelling, vast and barren, here his dwelling always seen. 
By his eyes a million fold they scan across a billion screens. 
His palace built of bodies beat and planted but not grown
But to merely keep him there, a soulless beast alone. 

The bodies piled one on one, from someone’s Sister to someone’s Son. 
Here this dirty oninist partakes in Caligulatic fun. 
The body-bricks still squirmed with pain, the whole grand palace shivers
the caustic tears now come too late and carve out pity rivers. 

And down the rivers float the Navy of his iron fist
As cargos of fairness, freedom and power evaporate to mist. 
Jettisoned away to be hidden beneath the sacred sands of time. 
In his world cargo justified, naught but just a crime. 

And so his corpus palace sat upon the dusty, barren fields
Blood-entrenched his moat defied to ever truly yield. 
Impenetrable he felt. His reign in every region. 
Until amassed from underground a vast and righteous Legion. 

Manikin troops, a faceless group with picks endeavoured all to mine
to tear apart the Gaia crust to part those sacred sands of time. 
To wade through boiling rivers sanguine, never just to toe the line
To rise from famished lands a sprout and tell it ‘The World is truly Thine’.

And he in tower of wrought flesh saw dust on the horizon
and thought “A mere deceptive breath that has the dust uprising.”
And there he erred. Beware. Beware. Ideas, bulletproof, protect us. 
We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Take heed now. Expect Us.  

For all you people out there fighting the good fight. For all you people with the sense to read, to study, to think for yourselves. To form your own opinions rather than rely on skewed, biased, unfair, corporate newsmedia. For all you people who see through the facade and wish to learn the truth. For all you Anons standing up for righteous causes in the face of media propaganda against you. For all you anons who have fought the good fight and now are shackled political prisoners. For all you brave individuals willing to support Wikileaks and transparency and for all those braver individuals still who put themselves in danger by supplying the leaks. For anyone who has ever been shot down for having their own opinion that isn’t agreed with by those too ignorant to see truth. For all those poor individuals who are too ignorant to see truth; it is time to open your eyes and, if the powers that be dare to take your sight away, open the biggest eye of all, YOUR MIND.  
We told them this would happen, we gave fair warning. We warned the people of the true intentions of those with sufficient cash to keep their true motives hidden. We told you that you were just a pawn and your ego refused to believe it but now look! This is Orwellian. You’re being fed DoubleThink and you’re speaking DoubleSpeak. Accept that, learn from it, develop. Become your own mind. 
For all those who have lost somebody in gutless wars of dubious legality. For all those who have lost somebody to police brutality. For all those who have lost somebody who took their own life because of this hopeless system. We feel for you. We love you. We need you. 
For all your Christians out there who feel lost and alienated. You feel like the system is wrong but you’re told it’s a sin to rebel. Read your Bible! When the evil financiers took over the temples with their money lending it was Christ who overturned their tables! To rebel is not a sin, but to stand idly by and allow evil is. We may not all agree with your views, but we share a common goal. Peace, justice, freedom, liberty and love. We need you. 
To all you young people out there who feel like you have no hope. Your education system has let you down because they wanted to let you down. They don’t want to you think for yourself or speak for yourself. Your political voice is silenced by proxy through state sanctioned ignorance. Don’t accept this. Educate yourselves! Empower yourselves. You are not just the fuel to burn to move this machine, you are the very cogs that make it work! Change direction. We need you. 
For everyone, regardless of race, colour, creed, background, religion. Take a look around you and recognise that the values you hold dear. Ideas of free speech, of liberty, of equality, of endevouring to better humanity. Recognise that all your ideals are being quashed and manipulated. Look at the evidence, weigh up the opinion, study the facts, study the fictions, accept all opinions with objectivity and form your own therewith. We need you. 

There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”
George Orwell, ‘1984’