Mercer's Poems
A Sweary Wake up Call to Britain

I have just returned from #OccupyBankofEngland, to all the individuals who attended, I have nothing but utmost love and respect, and I look forward to hopefully bumping into you at future protests.

 Ok, you know what, fuck this. I’m going to get my objectivism out of the way before my emotions. I think the next time a protest is to be arranged (October 15th is the next big date I’m hearing) it needs to be better planned, better promoted and needs more engagement with groups from a wide range of backgrounds. It may be the responsibility of the few who are aware of these protests to get in touch with there groups and, if you are trying to arrange something in the UK on October 15th please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to help out with anything. If it’s something I cannot do then I apologise, but I will always endeavour to do the best I can. Secondly, while the idea of a peaceful picnic is very pleasant and civilised, it does not, unfortunately, generate much exposure of the core issue. There is no use preaching to the converted. 
Right, objectivity out of the way. Now it’s time to unleash my heart. 

Honestly my heart bleeds. It weeps crimson tears for the UK right now. People of Britain, are you really that fucking wrapped up in your bullshit celebrity fucking news and shitty brainwash X-factor that you cannot take to your feet and express your right to freedom. You’re all perfectly fucking happy to sit at home and moan and whinge about how difficult things are but what the fuck do you fucking expect? Dave ‘Cunt’ Cameron is not going to come around to your fucking house, sack in hand and deliver you a ribbon wrapped fucking box full of money and joy. He is not anywhere near close to Father Christmas in fact, he’s a hell of a lot closer to the anti-christ. Get fucking real. Stop moaning and start fucking doing. Stop thinking “Oh, I won’t go to this protest because there’ll be plenty of people there…” No one is going to free you but you. If that’s the attitude you have then you don’t fucking deserve them. You deserve nothing. There are people in countries much less fortunate than ours literally dying for a slimmer chance of freedom than the one we have, let me fucking tell you. And you, meanwhile are all too happy to let some other fucker fight for your rights while you curl up and die in front of the fucking idiot box. WAKE THE FUCK UP!? What the fuck is it going to take people? What the fuck else has to happen before you open your fucking eyes and get mad and take to the fucking streets to express your right to freedom? These banking cartel cunts are already stealing food from your mouths and your children’s mouths. Just because they’re not fucking breaking in via your fucking back door and taking it out of your purse it doesn’t mean they’re not stealing from you. If anything I’d rather they went about it that way, because it is a lot less worrying than the fact that these grotesque rich fuckbastards are stealing from you via the government. Via our taxes and our public services, via the police who will protect you, via the NHS who will look after you when you are sick, via the schools of your children so that their education suffers. When you have a fucking cold you take some medication when you first recognise the symptoms don’t you? There’s fuck all point waiting for it to clear up and then taking medication, is there? Why not apply the same fucking logic here because, for fuck’s sake this is a sickness worse than a fucking cold. This financial system is a cancer. It is a cancer, and when you have a cancer there are only two possibilities. One, you fight it tooth and fucking nail, day after day, battle after battle in the hope you can get it to go into remission and you can be free of it, or two, you die. The latter is what we’re heading for. This economy is not getting better. It’s a pyramid scheme and the pyramid has a fucking foundation of sand, and it’s subsiding very fucking fast. This government has a deficit. That means it has no money. So it has to borrow public money. They borrowed money, from the banks, to give, to the banks, who will charge them interest on the money they borrowed. It’s fucked up and it’s doomed to fail and until it has thoroughly systematically failed the few rich elite will keep sucking you dry like the corrupt undead vampire mother fuckers they are. And don’t think that just because you’ve got a nice detached house in the suburbs, two cars and 2.4 children that you’re somehow immune. When the fuel prices get too much, when the energy prices get too much, when the food prices get too much you are as FUCKED as the poorest of the poor in this country. What the fuck are you waiting for? What will it take to get you to wake up and notice? Does one of your relatives have to die of starvation? What? Why the fuck do we always have to wait for a fucking slap in the face in this country. Why the fuck are you all so hollow, soulless, brainless and fucking vacuously engrossed in this bullshit system that you can’t see how fucking sick it is. How the fuck do you pass a homeless person in the street and not think something is fucking wrong? You are disgusting. Get fucking real. To all you disgusting bastards who went out looting and robbing on the streets of England recently, why the fuck don’t you get to a protest? Take to the streets to get your voice fucking heard? Oh what? No quick gratification in it? No free fucking trainers or ipod, you make me fucking sick. Get with the fucking programme, join the revolution or shut the fuck up with your moaning about how the government have taken all your taxes and given them to the bank. If you don’t do something about it you’ve got fuck all right to complain you disgusting, greedy, self-gratifying, selfish, consumerist fuckwhores. 
And you fucking bullshit preachy Christians, where the fuck are you? Too busy being good little God followers? Read your fucking Bibles you dozy cunts rather than sitting at home watching Deal or No Deal and drinking Earl Grey. Get off your fucking arse, pick your fucking bible up and read it. Do you recall the story of how Jesus threw the money-lenders out of the temple? Well, if you’re a Catholic, your precious Vatican has made your House a den of thieves. What the fuck are you going to do about it? Nothing, because the Pope is infallible? What, more infallible than Christ? You useless, brainwashed dogmatic fucking scum. Let me be the one to bring you this harsh reality. There is no place in heaven reserved for you. Jesus Christ laid out his lessons in the Gospels and they have been manipulated by the people you now truly revere. Yours is not a church of God or Christ it is a church of the basest, most disgusting, vile, bitter cud of man. They are the worst because they have taken words of divine love and brotherhood of humanity and twisted them for their own megalomaniacal ends. Fuck your Pope and fuck your Church. You want redemption, you want to be saved of your sins. It’s simple. ACT NOW YOU BRAINLESS, ALL MOUTH AND NO FUCKING ACTION FUCKTARDS. What the fuck you smoking? Did you read the same fucking bible I did? Or are you so brainwashed by the cult of Church that you didn’t realise the significance of the words written in it. Christ is the redeemer, God is vengeful. If you don’t follow Christ’s lessons, he will not redeem you. And God shall have his vengeance. These banks are in your house of God. Christ has not returned to throw them over and get angry for you. GET FUCKING ANGRY YOURSELF! For fucks sake what the fuck is wrong with you. 
And all you fucking parents should feel fucking sick. Your children’s futures are being sold down the river to parasitic big bankers and yet you won’t let them go to protests? You should fucking join in you fucking idiot. Or do you not care about your children’s future? You fucking sicken me, how fucking ignorant do you have to be? Wake up you stupid cunts, drive your kids to the protests and march with them. Shout fucking louder than they do. 

For fuck’s sake Britain I can’t help but feel you’re all just a bunch of sheep, just waiting for people to fucking order you about and tell you what the fuck to do. I can’t fucking free you. You must free yourself. What I can do, and all you have to do is ask, is I can provide you with learning skills so that you can study for yourself and have a mind of your own so that you can find the truth. So that you can see with objectivity. But I’m not your fucking leader. You control your own destiny. Yeah, I’m going to fight tooth and nail for our freedoms. I love you all; it’s fucking stupid of me since most of you don’t fucking love me back. But I love you all. But I’m not going to free you. Get off your fat fucking arses, switch off the TV, get the fuck off Facebook, fuck your PS3 and Xbox, and get out, protest, meet with your fellow man, discuss, learn, discover.AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHH - Seriously Britain you have no idea how much I am fucking enraged with you right now. If I had the means to visit you all in your fucking homes and slap you in the face to wake you the fuck up out of your 9-5 life and TV induced comas I sure as fuck would. You’re fucking doomed people. This economic system is going to fail and you are doomed, and your children are doomed and humanity is doomed. Do you not care about future generations? Are you so fucking brainwashed by bullshit commercialist, consumerist, capitalist bullshit that all you can do is sit and watch fucking ITV, buy the latest gadgets, trainers and clothing and fucking bleat occassionally like the fucking idiotic sheep that they want you to be? Fuck you Britain, wake the fuck up. 

You know that one person you fall in love with. Hopelessly and totally in love. But they don’t reciprocate. You never get love back. You just cling to the vain hope that one day they might say those three words to you. I certainly know that feeling. My heart has been broken so much that I swear if I ever need a heart operation the doctor is just going to find a few pieces of rotting flesh held together with glue and sticky tape. I know that feeling. And that’s what I’m feeling right now. 
I see my brothers and sister in mankind stateside taking occupation of Wall Street in their droves; and yet back here there’s only 30 or so fantastic devoted people trying to fight for you. 
Winston Churchill once famously said “Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few” - Today, the opposite is true. Whether referring to the few bankers and elite who owe you everything. Or whether it is you, the ignorant, apathetic, weak willed British people to the few people actually trying to do you a fucking favour. 
Those who do nothing to fight acts of evil are committing them themselves.