Mercer's Poems
Solitary Soldier

Each step soothes
flitting over reflected sodium vapours. 
Glistening gilt. 
The streets only truly paved with gold
when the rain dances in a fluid mirror. 

Damp hair drips
tickling, trickling down my poker face. 
stoic, unmoved. 
Savouring every delicate kiss of cold
on blushing skin, from heaven’s tears. 

A warm squelch. 
Peals from musical footwear. 
Soggy sounds. 
They seem to most discomforting. 
To I like a pompous fanfare. 

No other soul. 
Abandoned pathways with no destination. 
curve endlessly. 
And I shall traipse every step of Earth. 
For this  Kingdom is mine. 

Solitary soldier. 
Marching alone, his only war
struggle internal. 
And yet here I am the victor. 
On sodden streets. Alone.