Mercer's Poems

A teardrop glisten on a window, etching down the pane, alone
As misery beats against the glass of my modest family home.
This night a tempest foul and raucous
Raps upon the bricks and doors
The  elements preventing purpose
Except for cabbies, drunks and whores.

 A start became my weary heart; a faint crepuscular motion
Caught the corner of my eye; oh, forget the foolish notion.
It’s just a shadow of a bough
Or flutter of a curtain.
No sinister thinking to allow;
It’s innocent, I’m certain. 

Pearlescent tears they still descend, their paths by rooftops broken
Upon the grubby, tainted tiles they, fragile, shatter open.
The lupine gale, howling bold
Spreads an ugly, blinding mist.
The night air ivy, creeping cold
As if by death it has been kissed. 

O’ stop this beating; please be fleeting stop the swarthy figures
O’ troubled mind, with thoughts of knives and guns with twitching triggers
It’s just wind, I’m sure I’ll find
What other spectres haunt me?
I’ve not a soul to whom I aired
My past, and dirty laundry. 

A fluffy coven Valhalla bound; a thunder of some gossip
A disapproving roar bellows; one man’s guilt the topic.
A flash of blue, its glow betrays
The anger at the rumour
And in the air the charge it stays
As if, my soul to humour. 

Lord, deliver me from the clutch of this satanic shadow dancer
How err I so to lead to this? I pray, from you, an answer.
I can take this fear no more
Can you not send a sign?
I know I’ve done you wrong before
But I put right this life of mine! 

I turned with startled deer reflexes to check a noise peculiar
And at my window did sit a cat; with collar saying Julia.
Its vacant gaze and blinking stare
sobbing tears of my injustice
Remind me of that lady fair
Is this illusion? Can I trust this? 

The tangled heavenly coven of cloud swirls off to the horizon
The percussion of the pounding rain; and wind no longer rising
The storm now ceased, all that remained
Was left a deafening hollow nought
My mind returning to that beast
That God or fate or guilt had brought. 

I met its eyes, and nuzzled face, and felt the sodden fleece
Of such a graceful creature as this, made for catching mice.
Its maelstrom stare, still caught my eye
And drawn into its sadness
A tear became and then did I
Recant my tale of badness. 

Dancing now, the thoughts they be, my mind a pulsing rapid
Of blood-red rivers, flowing fast, swamped with fear, and tepid.
The cat did stare at that window there
Instructive; but peculiar.
That lady fair, oh I despair
Oh my, how could I, Julia? 

The glassy raindrops mixed amongst the crimson corporeal crying
As this fragile mortal lay upon my Elysian gravel, dying.
Oh Julia, ethereal form,
I saw your soul this night.
A heathen, a crippled corpse, no longer warm
I come to share regrets
In heaven.