Mercer's Poems
I Declare World Peace

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As the golden flower blooms 
and spreads its petals wide
over the dividing line
between Earth and Heaven. 
I declare world peace. 

As sleepy digits caress 
the remains of last night’s
peaceful illusion
from weepy, weary eyes, 
I declare world peace. 

As suds smooch the steamy air
and enamel receives bristled kisses;
a loving cleansing
harmonious atmosphere, 
I declare world peace. 

While donning nature’s gift
of woven plant and earth, 
a figurative fig leaf
Covering man’s modesty,
I declare world peace

With each lamb-like cautious step
and inhale and exhale of invisible 
soul nourishment, 
and each minute, 
I declare world peace. 

The golden flower, tucked up, tired,
paints the sky the softest tones.
With this warm, pink hued hug, 
basking in nature’s bosom. 
I declare world peace. 

Glistening firefly fancies aflame
against inviting endless void. 
A journey starts, I depart
and alight at dreams in which
I declare world peace.