Mercer's Poems
The Divine Comedy

I see it, the orange-heated hues and screams on cue
It says one thing “You Lose!” and all my darkest nightmare’s come true. 
I’m now a hellion, a flame licked, sulphurous skeleton
a tortured embellishment a testament to my failed rebellion. 
I rebelled against myself, I hated my own soul. 
I danced with the devil and forgot my own goal. 
Stuck miles down a hole, burning in coal
to appease for every word out of turn and every pill I stole. 
Every drink I liked to think “oh heck!” and pour that bile right down my neck. 
Every moment of failure played on rewind, 
The world spins too fast, I’m lagging behind.
Which way am I going, I can’t see, blind. 
Too busy pleasing others to just stop and be kind
to myself, at the detriment of my health, 
and where the hell is all my wealth?
Instead I’m down here, sucking in the fumes
of a thousand burning sulphurous plumes
Surrounded by what I assume to be the devil’s goons. 

Well if the devil thinks that I’m encaged, 
then war is waged. I’m enraged, 
it’s outrageous. Depressing devil keeping talent stuck in cages. 
I need to get these words on pages, my hell fire rages
too high to withstand the heat, I blow all gauges. 
I haven’t felt like this in ages, I feel like I’m rocking stages. 
The audience wondering what I’m conjuring as I do tricks like mages. 

So what to do now? I’m in hell! How am I leaving?
Because Satan’s too cold for the fires I’m breathing. 
My chest is heaving with passion and get go
Put the tips of my fingers to the wall and never let go. 
And climb to the summit, then I’ve done it. 
My blistered craggy fingertips preventing a plummet
and permanent stay in hell. So I may as well, 
keep climbing to the clouds and give them a say as well. 
They are swell. 
And the Earth sure looks tiny from up this high, 
and my surprise can’t be disguised as I see, 
there in front of my face.
The gilded, sparkling, pearly gates. 
A beauty incomparable. The perfect place. 
The tears meandering down my pallid cheek
summoned to sky’s peak by the blessed and the meek
and that tear becomes a star, for me to seek
when back on solid ground. Heaven abounds, 
A trumpet sounds, the choral rounds
ring out loud; my heart it pounds. 
Every second more astounds. 
For it seems for the first time since my birth, 
through every dull second I spent on Earth, 
for all the years of low self worth
that I have finally been blessed. 
Who would have guessed?
All that self-destructive behaviour, 
all the hardship and the pain I gave ya. 
That my trip to hell would lead me to my saviour.